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To Shuriken

Shuriken lets you make one-sided connections with standard A325 and A490 bolts. Shuriken is not a fastener, but a disposable wrench that holds a standard nut in place on the inaccessible side of a bolt hole. Just tack Shuriken in place in the shop, and bolt in the field.


Field-bolted HSS splices: check. Slip-critical one-sided connections: no problem. Wherever access is tough, Shuriken makes life easy.

How Does

Shuriken Work?

Shuriken tightly confines a standard nut within a fiber-reinforced polymer cap that engages with a steel outer ring. The steel ring gets tack welded to the workpiece in the shop, and is robust enough to resist torque during tightening - even for slip critical A490 bolts. The flexible tabs on the steel ring let the nut shift when bolt holes are misaligned, preserving erection tolerance.

Let's Build A Green Future

Producing a single ton of steel emits more CO2 than a 4000 mile road trip. So the decisions we make as engineers don't just affect our clients - they affect everyone on the planet. Fortunately, with today's improved HSS and Shuriken, you can reduce tonnage without paying a premium. So you don't have to choose between your responsibility as a consultant, and your responsibility as a human. Cut costs and build a green future with HSS and Shuriken.

Bolted HSS Splice

Dawn of the Tube Age

The economics of HSS have improved dramatically in just the last decade with increased yield strength, widely available jumbo sizes, and introduction of the ASTM A1085 material specification. Now with Shuriken allowing field-bolted HSS column splices, the transformation is complete.

Trade in your wide flange columns for HSS: lower costs, simplify connections, and make your next steel project a success.

Fast, Simple Installation

Shuriken mounts quickly in the shop. Bolts go in quickly in the field, with no special tools requried. Here's how:

1. Hand-tighten a bolt with the nut (washer optional).

2. Place the Shuriken over the nut and tack weld the steel ring to the plate.

3. Remove the bolt, and send the steel to the field.

4. Install the bolt: just insert and tighten. Stop at snug tight, or verify pretension with DTI washers.

AESS welding and finishing requirements can turn a simple job into a money pit. But it doesn't have to be that way. With Shuriken, you can have clean, efficient connections without the cost premium.

Bolted Connections Worthy of AESS