How does Shuriken compare to blind bolts?

Shuriken has three main advantages over existing blind bolts: 1. Higher Capacity - Shuriken allows use of both Grade A325 and Grade A490 bolts, which have greater capacity than blind bolts. With the coming release of Shuriken for larger diameter bolts, the available capacities are set to increase even further. 2. Lower Cost - Shuriken is less expensive than similarly sized blind bolts, even when the cost of hardware is included. And higher capacity per bolt means that fewer fasteners are required for a given connection, further reducing material and labor cost. 3. Slip-Critical Capability - Shuriken allows installation of bolts for slip-critical connections in conformance with RCSC standards (Research Council on Structural Connections). While some blind bolts on the market advertise improved clamping force, no currently available blind bolt provides sufficient clamping force to be used in code-compliant slip-critical joints.

Where can I find allowable capacities for bolted connections made with Shuriken?

Right in your Steel Manual. Shuriken is not a fastener and carries no load. Shuriken is a disposable wrench that let's the bolt do all the work. A bolt tightened with Shuriken acts just like a bolt tightened the old fashioned way.

When will larger sizes be available?

Shuriken is currently produced only in 3/4" size. Following Shuriken's acquisition by Zekelman Industries, we look forward to accelerating the development of larger sizes.

Can you ship internationally?

Yes! We are happy to accommodate purchases from just about anywhere. Please contact us prior to ordering to arrange payment and shipping.